7 Winning Tips for Disability Claimants

In a perfect world, truly disabled people would get fast access to medical care and disability benefits. Unfortunately, it rarely works this way. With most claims being denied initially, SSD and SSI claimants usually need to file an appeal and win benefits at the hearing level. 

Increase your odds with these seven winning tips for disability claimants.

  1. Include copies of your medical records when you initially apply and each time you appeal. 
  2. Stay up to date on the status of your claim. Hopefully you have representation to keep you informed. If you are going it alone, we recommend regularly calling DDS for updates. You don’t want them to be waiting on you for anything!
  3. Comply with the minor consultative exams scheduled by DDS and respond promptly to notices and letters.
  4. Build and maintain positive relationships with the people working on your case. 
  5. Don’t miss important deadlines! If you have hired a representative, they will ensure a deadline never sneaks up on you. Otherwise, it’s up to you to stay organized.
  6. If your personal physician will support your disability case, have them create a detailed Medical Source Statement to increase your odds of getting approved.
  7. Hire representation. The process of applying for Social Security disability benefits is difficult to navigate. Hiring a proper disability attorney or consultant greatly increases your odds of obtaining benefits quickly.